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Thursday, January 21, 2010

For BI Publisher Reports, cannot view Barcodes when previewed output in PDF

Based on question from one of our reader here are the steps to view the barcode fonts when the report is previewed in PDF format from .rtf file.

The problem here is that the fonts are correctly installed in computer but when output is previewed instead of barcodes actual text is seen. One of the possible reason for this could be that the xdo.cfg file is not configured correctly. Below are the steps

1) Copy Barcode font in C:\Windows\Fonts directory.
2) Copy xdo.cfg in C:\Program Files\Oracle\XML Publisher Desktop\Template Builder for Word\config directory. The sample file is already available when BI Publisher desktop is installed.
3) Right click the font file and go to properties. Copy the .ttf file name. Double click the font file to get the family name.
4) Open the xdo.cfg file and paste as follows (My filename is FRE3OF9X.ttf and font family is Free 3 of 9 Extended)

[font family="Free 3 of 9 Extended" style="normal" weight="normal"]
[truetype path="C:\Windows\fonts\FRE3OF9X.ttf" /]
Note: replace brackets([ & ]) with angle brackets as was unable to paste due to HTML restriction in comments. There should be sample already available in the xdo.cfg file.

5) Try your report should work fine and barcodes should be correctly displayed.

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Aakarsh Kalra said...


I am using Oracle NI Publisher and want to do font mapping for a PDF ouput.
I have my onfts in TF(Open Type Format) and not TTF. Is there a way to implement font mapping using OTF??

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