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Monday, February 15, 2010

View Barcode in BI Publisher Report when run from Application

Following steps should be completed in order to register your Barcode font to be viewed when report is run from Application.

1) From XML Publisher responsibility, create a font file in XML administration.
Navigation: XML Publisher Administrator -- Administration -- Font FilesCreate Font File
2) Create a font mapping set. Navigation: XML Publisher Administrator -- Administration -- Font Mapping
3) In the template screen , edit configuration -- FO Processing -- Font Mapping Set , provided the corresponding font mapping set
4) The last important step is to always use Territory column while defining Template. E.g. United States.

Now when report is generated from application, barcode font should be viewed.

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1 Comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Suresh,

I have followed the steps and was able to get the PDF output with barcode. However, when I am using bursting program to send pdf as attachment, I am unable to view those bar-codes in pdf attachment.

Could you please help on this.

I have also followed the Oracle support doc with Bug 9124012


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