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Monday, April 28, 2014

Query to List Active Serial Number for an Items

Below query can be used to display active serial number for Item, Organization combination

SELECT msi.segment1 item_number
     , msn.serial_number
     , msn.current_status_name
     , msn.status_code
     , msn.current_subinventory_code
     , ml.concatenated_segments
FROM   mtl_serial_numbers_all_v msn
     , mtl_system_items_b msi
     , mtl_item_locations_kfv ml
     , mtl_parameters mp
WHERE  msi.inventory_item_id = msn.inventory_item_id
AND    mp.organization_code = msn.organization_code
AND    ml.inventory_location_id = msn.current_locator_id
AND    msn.current_status = 3
AND    mp.organization_id = msi.organization_id
AND    mp.organization_code =  :org_code
AND    msi.segment1 = :item

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