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Friday, February 20, 2009

Query to List all the responsibilities attached to a User

Based on a request from one of the reader here is the query which he was looking for.

He needed query that can list all the responsibilities attached to a user.

select fu.user_name, fr.responsibility_name, furg.START_DATE, furg.END_DATE
from fnd_user_resp_groups_direct furg, fnd_user fu, fnd_responsibility_tl fr
where fu.user_user_name = :user_name
and furg.user_id = fu.user_id
and furg.responsibility_id = fr.responsibility_id
and fr.language = userenv('LANG')

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Unable to Retrieve All Rows Message in Discoverer

Problem: Trying to export report data into excel or when clicking on Tools--> Retrieve all Rows, Not all Rows have been Retrieved. Data may be inaccurate. error message is displayed.

Resolution: By Default in discoverer only 10000 records are set to be retrieved. This needs to be changed to a higher number in order to avoid this problem.
Click on Tools-->Options. Select Query Governer Tab and change the value in Limit retrieved query to 99999 to allow maximum number of records to be fetched.

Keywords: Discoverer 10g

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Printing Barcode on a zebra Printer using ZPL

Here we will discuss on how to automatically print Barcodes on a zebra printer from Oracle concurrent program.
Below are the 3 approaches that we tried and was successful with the third approach.
1) Print Labels on a Zebra printer using BI Publisher
The first approach we tried was to print barcodes using BI(formerly XML) Publisher. The report generates a PDF output and should print directly on a Zebra printer using PASTA driver. For some reason the report was not printing directly on a printer. The PDF opened in window and printed seperately/manually using Windows driver was working fine but not meeting our requirement of automatic printing. Hence we had to try second approach.
2) Print Labels using Zebra Enterprise Connector Solution
The Zebra Enterprise Connector Solution is designed to streamline the printing
process for companies using ERP systems such as Oracle BI Publisher. The Zebra
Enterprise Connector Solution helps to lower middleware costs, overhead, and
pre-printer licensing fees. It can be used with an unlimited number of
Zebra ZPL-II printers without additional per-printer licensing fees. We didnt do much research on this as were looking for an approach with minimal cost. More details on this is available at the website of Zebra
3) Print Lables on Zebra printers using Zebra Programming Language(ZPL)
The second and successful approach was to print labels using ZPL. A text output with all the zebra codes was created and which would ultimately print Barcode images on a printer. A normal regular lp command for printing text is used to print over Zebra Printers.
Below is an example of how to print Barcodes

^FO40,35^AR,10,10^FDItem :^FS
^FO40,115^AR,10,10^FDItem Description:^FS
^FO40,165^AR,10,10^FDQuantity :^FS
^FO40,245^AR,10,10^FDDiscrete Job# :^FS
^FO40,295^AR,10,10^FDSupply Sub :^FS
^FO40,375^AR,10,10^FDLocator :^FS
^FO40,455^AR,10,10^FDDestination Sub :^FS
^FO40,505^AR,10,10^FDLocator :^FS
^FO40,555^AR,10,10^FDOrder # :^FS
^FO40,635^AR,10,10^FDLine # :^FS
^FO40,715^AR,10,10^FDOrder Type :^FS
^FO40,765^AR,10,10^FDDepartment :^FS^FO305,765^AR,10,10^FDResource Group :^FS
^FO40,845^AR,10,10^FDWork Center :^FS^FO305,845^AR,10,10^FDItem Sequence :^FS
^FO40,925^AR,10,10^FDAsm Item # :^FS^FO305,925^AR,10,10^FDAsm Item Desc :^FS

^FO265,115^AR,10,10^FDFILTER, LUBE OIL.^FS
^FO265,715^AR,10,10^FDMove Order^FS
^FO335,955^AR,10,10^FDP2212J13 L7044 GSI W/ESM & AFR^FS

More details on how to write codes using ZPL can be found in the website of zebra
The output of the above code is shown below.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Set the Low and High Date range parameter in the concurrent program

On request to one of the reader...
Below is the scenario,
The concurrent program has 2 date parameter e.g. Start Date and End date. The requirement is that start date should always be less than end date.

1) In the concurrent program definition parameters, select Range as Low for Start Date. See Screenshot below
2) In the concurrent program definition parameters, select Range as high for End Date. See Screenshot below. Note that the value set being used for Start date and End date should be same.

3) Test program entering incorrect value for the parameter.

4) Test again by entering correct value.

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