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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Unable to Retrieve All Rows Message in Discoverer

Problem: Trying to export report data into excel or when clicking on Tools--> Retrieve all Rows, Not all Rows have been Retrieved. Data may be inaccurate. error message is displayed.

Resolution: By Default in discoverer only 10000 records are set to be retrieved. This needs to be changed to a higher number in order to avoid this problem.
Click on Tools-->Options. Select Query Governer Tab and change the value in Limit retrieved query to 99999 to allow maximum number of records to be fetched.

Keywords: Discoverer 10g


Lakki Reddy Sreehari Reddy said...

Hi Suresh,

I am having requirment like,

I want all user name and their responsibilities for a given Perticular organization.

If you have query please forward

Suresh Vaishya said...

What do you mean by for a given organization.
Anyways I have posted a query to get user and responsibility attached to it. Please comment if that helps you.

kanna2409 said...

Hi Sir, i am a Discoverer admin joined as a fresher

I have a small doubt . i have a user who cannot run his reports (when he login into DIscoverer using discoverer username) while he login into any of the machine using his network id ,
and when he login into discoverer using his discoverer username in any machine in which others have already logged into the machine using their network id, he can run the reports successfully.

please help me to resolve this issue

your help is highly appreciated


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