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Friday, February 20, 2009

Query to List all the responsibilities attached to a User

Based on a request from one of the reader here is the query which he was looking for.

He needed query that can list all the responsibilities attached to a user.

select fu.user_name, fr.responsibility_name, furg.START_DATE, furg.END_DATE
from fnd_user_resp_groups_direct furg, fnd_user fu, fnd_responsibility_tl fr
where fu.user_user_name = :user_name
and furg.user_id = fu.user_id
and furg.responsibility_id = fr.responsibility_id
and fr.language = userenv('LANG')


Lakki Reddy Sreehari Reddy said...

Hi Suresh,

My requirment is, i want all users information under perticular organization/operating unit

Suresh Vaishya said...

What kind of information are you looking for.

Lakki Reddy Sreehari Reddy said...

i want all user names under perticular operating unit

Suresh Vaishya said...

Users are not tied at operating unit level. One user can have responsibilities of several operating units. If you follow any nomenclature for naming responsibility by operating unit then may be you can use that in the query to find all users having that responsibility using like condition.


Lakki Reddy Sreehari Reddy said...

HI Suresh,

Thank you for giving information.

I am having one more issue here.

I want to pass multiple values in report parameter.

While running report through SRS window, its possible to select multiple vlaues (from LOV of parameter).its possible ..How..?

Suresh Vaishya said...

You can select multiple values in LOV in discoverer. Through SRS window it is not possible to do that.

Anonymous said...


How to list users having only one responsibility (GL Super User). The query should display those Users having GL Super User Resp, that's all.


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