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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Types of Discrete Jobs in WIP

There are 2 types of discrete Jobs
1) Standard - Standard discrete jobs are used to manufacture a brand new product using Bill of Materials and Routings. E.g. There is a demand in the sales order for an Assembly item which in turn creates a WIP Job. For this case standard discrete job will be created.
2) Non-Standard - Non Standard discrete jobs are mostly used to repair a defective item. E.g. A product is returned by the customer for some defective reason. For this item a non-standard job is created and item is refurbished.

1 Comment:

Ashish said...

Great site...I need one help . We have upgarded to 10G in our test insatnce. Release of discrete job is takeing a long time and not completing even after 3 hours. Can you help?

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