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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Error in RCV Transactions Interface (Receiving Transaction Processor)

When trying to use RCV interfaces and ran Receiving transaction Processor import program, the transaction errored out with message "The parameters passed to procedure populate_cost_details are invalid."

In the documentation, the column name LAST_UPDATE_LOGIN is noted as "optional".
However, the columns user_id and login_id in package
inv_wwacst.populate_cost_details are selected from
mtl_material_transactions_temp table in inltpu, which is populated by the
Receiving Interface Manager. These columns are expected to be NOT null and
will error if they are null. The solution is to populate the LAST_UPDATE_LOGIN
with a value (type is Number. Even though Purchasing does not require this
field to be populated, this is required in Inventory when the items are

Refer Metalink Note: 99533.1

Keywords: Receiving Open Interface, RVCTP, PO Receipts, populate_cost_details


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