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Monday, May 5, 2008

FAQ: Common Tracing Techniques for Oracle Apps

1) How to enable trace in the Oracle Application screens / forms?
Below is the navigation to enable trace for forms
Help Menu --> Diagnostics --> Trace(Select appropriate trace as needed)

Most commonly if debugging an error, you may select trace with binds.
When debugging a performance issue, you may consider using trace with binds and waits.

Remember to disable trace as this will keep generating the file.

2) How to enable trace for a concurrent program?
Refer to post Create Trace File for Concurrent Program

3) How to enable trace for a concurrent program INCLUDING bind variables and waits?
The above method can be used to generate a trace file, but this does not includes bind variables and wait times.
Download and review the script, bde_system_event_10046.sql, from Metalink Note 179848.1.
The above script is used to turn on the trace with binds and wait(Level 12).
Run Script and press enter when prompted.
Return to application and submit your concurrent program.
The moment status changes to running, switch to SQL*PLUS and press enter again to turn tracing off.
Important: Note that the tracing is set at global level and any program that runs during time when trace is kept on will be traced. Hence it is very important to immediately turn trace off after your programs status changes to running.

4) How to enable trace for all actions that occur for a user?
Use profile option Initialization SQL Statement - Custom
Set the value at user level

BEGIN FND_CTL.FND_SESS_CTL('','', '', 'TRUE','','ALTER SESSION SET TRACEFILE_IDENTIFIER='||''''||'4269824.999' ||''''||' EVENTS ='||''''||' 10046 TRACE NAME CONTEXT FOREVER, LEVEL 12 '||''''); END;

Reference: Metalink Note 296559.1

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