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Monday, May 12, 2008

Create List of Values (LOV) in Discoverer

The Item classes in Discoverer are treated as List of Values (LOVs). A List of value can be created and referenced by several fields of the folder.
Following are the steps to create LOV in discoverer. In the example below I am creating LOV on US States.
1) Connect to Discoverer using Admin and select the business area where folder/LOV needs to be created.
2) Create a custom folder for US States using following query

select * from ar_lookups
where lookup_type like 'STATE'

3) Select the field for which Item class is to be created and right click on that to select New Item Class. Click next on the wizard and finally click finish button to complete creation of Item class. In our example, the LOV is created on the lookup code field.

4) Now if any parameter is created based on Lookup Code column then the List of value will be attached to it.
5) This LOV can also be referenced by another column. For example there is another folder which has column Bill to State. Select that column and right click to go to the properties. Click on Item Class and select the Item class created in step 3.


Anonymous said...

Hi Suresh,
Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us.
i tried the way you told how to attach lov to a parameter.
1)i had created the custom folder with the query you mentioned.
2)created the item class for the field lookup code.
3)i am able to see the Values in the Discoverer Admin,but i need to how to attach this LOV to my Workbook in Discoverer Plus.

Please clarify me this.

Thanks in Advance.

Thrimurthy Reddy.

Suresh Vaishya said...

Once you create a parameter based on that field, the LOV will be automatically displayed.

Kamran said...

hi suresh,
there is a challenging task if u want to participate. I've a parameter having LOV's based on concatenated field like '10: Jack Thomas'. I've created Indexed item on this concatenated field. Now the report is opened while this concatenated field is updated in the database e.g. '10: Jack-Thomas'. and I refresh the report again, result no data records fetched. Today I tried it while unchecking the Cache LOV's options in Discoverer (to get lov directly from database not from cache) it shows the updated value in parameter but after running the report again no data comes.

Any special idea ?..
Remember the report is opened all the time otherwise if u close the report and re-open it, then it automatically updates lovs the shows records.
waiting for your urgent reply

Anjali said...

Hi Suresh,

Is there anyway to give lov as display value and actual value different. Eg: I have nationality id and nationality. I want to display nationality to user but the value passed to the report must be nationality id.

Pls let me know through my email

Thanks in advance,

Sheeja Anil

Suresh Vaishya said...

I think this is not possible in discoverer.

Pavithra said...

Hi Suresh,

For a parameter, I want to display the calendar for the user to select the date. Can you please tell me the steps for that.

sap support pack said...

You will learn how to create list of values in discoverer with the help of this post. In this post steps are given to create LOV. You just follow the steps and you will create LOV. This concept is explained with example so check that also.

Ronnie said...

Hi Suresh,

Could you please tell me how do I attach LOV already available for one report parameter to a newly created report and its parameter ...

Or do I need to define it again ..

Please help..

Thanks in Advance
Rohan S

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