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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dependent Value Parameter in Discoverer

In Discover 4i there was no way to filter the list of second parameter based on the value selected in first parameter.
Discoverer Version 10g has overcome this problem and allows to filter the List of Values based on another parameter. This is very similar to dependent value set that we create in Oracle Apps.
In the paramter screen(shown in the screen shot below) Select Option "Filter the List of Values based on the selection conditions, then select the parameter based on which the value need to be filtered. Click OK and you are all set to filter the list based on another parameter.


Unknown said...

Hi suresh...can u clarify me this one in discoverer.
How to display LOV for a date parameter in a discoverer report..
Thanks in advance.....

Suresh Vaishya said...

Check my post here

Create Lovs in Discoverer

yara said...

Hi suresh,

Can you pleas tell me where to download the discoverer 10g from?


yara said...

Dear Suresh,

am using the oracle business intellegence discoverer version, I cant find the above "Edit parameter" screen in the desktop edition! Please clarify how to do it.


sap support pack said...

Dependent value parameter in Discoverer is the topic discussed in this post. The concept is not very clear in my mind even after reading your post twice. It will be better if you explain this topic with the help of an example.

shaik said...


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