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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Enable Cancel Query option on Oracle Forms

Sometimes when we query form with higher data results the forms hangs and leaves us with option to wait until data is displayed or close it forcefully.
Using profile option FND: Enable Cancel Query, the cancel button with message "Press cancel to end this database operation" can be displayed that allows canceling query. The profile option may not support all forms but still you can have this option for most of the oracle provided forms.


Unknown said...

What do you mean by “Using profile option FND: Enable Cancel Query”. I am trying to add the Cancel Query option to some an application which consist of many forms. I have changed the interactive mode to non-blocking and when I try canceling a query, the session disconnects from the database.

sap project systems said...

The solution that you have suggested to overcome the problem of long response time is a good one. I do agree that this query will tend to solve this problem up to an extent and users can easily close the form. I will try to add a cancel button to all the forms that support this option.

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