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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Display images in Reports 6i

On request from one of our reader, Below is the post on how to display and dynamically change image in reports 6i.
Please refer to my post Insert BLOB image file into oracle database table where I have discussed the steps on how to insert a record into BLOB table.
We will use same SV_EMP_TABLE as a reference and using Reports 6i create a report that prints ID Card. For simplicity there are no parameters to the report and it will create ID cards for all the employees for which record exists in the table.
In the data model create following SQL Query


The next step is to create a layout for the report. Screenshot below

Complete necessary concurrent program setup to run this report from Oracle Apps. Below is the screenshot of the report output.

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P.S. Click on the image to zoom it.


Ram said...

hi Suresh,
From "data base" i.e inserted image record into BLOB table, it is working correctly in Report showing images for found records and "NO image" for "Not found image record",
But how to "the images are stored in FOLDER where address(PATH) is stored in table with respect to that record,Using that path dispaly images in report",
IF("all images found in that folder")
then it will generate report for all records
It will not generate Report "if any ONE image not found" it will show "with that particular file path FILE not found ERROR"
How to check wheather that image EXITS in that PATH "in REPORTS"....


Suresh Vaishya said...

Do you use XML publisher?

Suresh Vaishya said...

Check my new post. This creates report output based on file located in UNIX and also checks if file exists in the system before printing report output.

Gourav Sengupta said...

Hi Suresh...I need your help though that doesn't match with this current wud be a great help for me if you klindly answer it possible to access a shell array variable inside sqlplus body? if yes how can we do it??

Unknown said...

hi Suresh, hope you you will be fine..

I go through ur example it fine but i have one question if the store image is a multi-page tiff so then how we can display it on form or reports.

i am using developer 6i and the image in stored in Longrow datatype...

Unknown said...

hi suresh,

nice post here, thanks for sharing.

i got a table contains image file (blob) & id of each image.

there's no prob if using report builder, i can all images.

but after upload the rdf file into oracle app server, n run it from live server i got below error:

unable to run report. error code: frm-41214

REP-52251: Cannot get output of job ID 81 you requested on ..bla, bla.. REP-51026: No output for job 81

it's wierd, there's no error while compiling n i had no prob to open other reports which is contains text only.

this's my 1st time using oracle developer n it's quite hard for me to get this working.

i've been searching the internet for 2 days n still in vain.

please share with me, suresh.


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