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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ORA-24323: Value not Allowed error in Oracle Reports

Sometimes while working in Oracle Reports whenever we are trying to modify any query in the data model
ORA-24323: Value not allowed error is raised.

This happens when we are connected to database and for some reason the connection is dropped/disconnected. When we click on file menu, we feel like the connection still exists, but in reality this is not true. To overcome this error, completely close report builder and reopen it.


Anonymous said...

Hi all. I had the same problem yestarday(30 of July 2009). When I start report I got oracle error ora-24323 value not allowed. When I execute the SQL by SQL editor I lose the connection in database. Today I fix the problem. In my SQL there was many occurrence of parameters. I optimize my SQL and report works properly now.

Dimitar Drambozov, Bulgaria!

Suresh Vaishya said...

I am glad that the post was useful by any means.


Rafique Niazi said...

Just Disconnect Report Developer and then Re-connect with Database, the error will be gone...

M. Rafique Niazi. (ACES)

Andy Noble said...

I only use Oracle Reports now and again. This happened to me today and after doing a quick search it was nice to find your blog - thanks

Ashok said...

This information is very useful.

Pavithra said...

The post was very helpful.

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