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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hide a Button in the form using Forms Personlization

In one of the forum, there was a requirement to allow bookings only by certain user.
This can be achieved using forms personalization for users on 11.5.10 or higher.
Open the sales Order Form and click on Help->Diagnostics->Custom Code->Personalize to open the forms personlization screen.
(Click on the image to zoom it)

In the example above I have hardcoded user name which is not the advisable way.
The better approach could be to create a custom profile and assign a value to the custom profile at user level. Based on the value entered the button can be enabled or disabled.

Note: The same result can also be achieved by using custom.pll


ved said...

Hi Suresh,

it is nice article.

sap upgrade challenges said...

Hi Suresh...I love your site and your knowledge about Oracle.Its amazing how you explain the things with screenshots.good job man.

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