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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Case Insensitive Query in Forms

One of the inconsistency Oracle Apps Forms is that some forms are case sensitive and some are not. For e.g. If we query the create concurrent request form these are case insensitive whereas the create DFF form is case sensitive.
Below I discuss how do we know whether the form is case insensitive and how to change its property using forms personalization.

As an example I have taken the DFF form.
Step to know if form is case insensitive.
Open the form and click on the field. Select Help-->Diagnostic -->Properties-->Item
In the property field, select case insensitive query. If the value is FALSE, then you will know that Case Insensitive Query is not possible on this field.

For changing the property select forms personalization. Select Help-->Diagnostics-->Custom Code -->Personalize

Enter any meaninful text for description. Click on Actions Tab.
Select the Target Object for which the property needs to be changed then select case_insensitive_query property name and change the value to TRUE. Save the changes.
Close the DFF form and check if the changes are saved.

Thats its ... now the title field is no longer a case sensitive field. Query by entering text in lower case.
Hurray... there we go .. the case insensitive query is now working fine.


Venky said...

Thanks suresh for a good example on Forms Personalization.

lee woo said...

There are certain things I don't want to joke about. If it's about somebody else, it's fine. If it's about me, I think it's totally insensitive! See the link below for more info.


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