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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Concurrent Program Attached to a Responsibility

Below query can be a handy one to find the list of responsibilities where the concurret program is attached.

select frg.request_group_name
,fcpt.user_concurrent_program_name CONC_PGM_NAME
from fnd_concurrent_programs_tl fcpt
,fnd_request_group_units frgu
,fnd_request_groups frg
,fnd_responsibility fr
,fnd_responsibility_tl frt
where 1 = 1
and frgu.request_unit_id = fcpt.concurrent_program_id
and frg.request_group_id = frgu.request_group_id
and fr.request_group_id = frg.request_group_id
and frt.responsibility_id = fr.responsibility_id
and frt.language = USERENV('LANG')
and fcpt.language = USERENV('LANG')
and frt.responsibility_name = '&RESPONSIBILITY_NAME'
order by fcpt.user_concurrent_program_name

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Donald Ferreira said...

Hi Suresh,

Very useful information on your blog.


Suresh Vaishya said...

Thanks Donald and appreciate your feedback.

Sridevi Koduru ( said...
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